Admission Rates at Ivy League Business Schools


Admission Rates at Ivy League Business Schools
Admission Rates at Ivy League Business Schools–荣生留学 2015 咨询

 Acceptance Rates at Ivy League Business Schools

Getting accepted to an Ivy League program is no easy feat. Admissions are competitive at all six Ivy League business schools. Acceptance rates vary from school to school. Rates can also vary from year to year. For example, in years where applications are trending up, more people are inevitably turned away. In years when fewer applications are submitted…well, a lot of people are still turned away.


Acceptance rates at top business schools, particularly the Ivy League schools, tend to fall somewhere between 10% and 20%. In other words, 80-90% of the people who apply to Ivy League MBA programs are rejected. All of this data is publicly available and can often be found on business school websites. So, if you are curious about your chances, be sure to look for specific acceptance rates at your school of choice.


Perfect vs. Imperfect Ivy League Business School Candidate

There really is no such thing as a perfect Ivy League business school candidate. Different schools look for different things at different times when evaluating applications. Guaranteed acceptance is unlikely no matter what your profile looks like. Besides all other dimensions, a solid interview and a good essay play key part in your acceptance.



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      另外,每个学校的招收标准不同,喜欢招的学生的侧重点也不同。如果你本身的条件非常好,可以去宾大和哥大商学院的官网上看一下两所学校对prospective students的expectation and requirements, 来进行一下self-selection和matching.